I'm a little embarassed at how often I start conversations with the words, "I was listening to this great podcast ..." But I can't help it; the medium has completely permeated my life. Yea, be I lawn mowing, dishwashing, or driving for hours without a companion, I shall fear no boredom--as long as I have enough podcasts queued up on my player. My playlist leans toward the politics/art/culture end of the spectrum, but it was thin on architecture and construction until I came across Design and Architecture.

A production of KCRW radio in Los Angeles, the half-hour program covers a wide range of design disciplines and is somewhat LA-centric, but it offers plenty to interest shelter professionals from elsewhere too. This edition covered a preservation tussle over Richard Neutra's Kronish house. And who could resist a program with this title? --b.d.s.