You’re the type of parent who quickly switched to Rachmaninoff after your child lost interest in “The Mozart Effect: Music for Babies.” You already bought the Frank Lloyd Wright Lego sets, which you’re saving for birthday number five. But how to develop your future architect offspring’s drawing skills in the meantime? Enter “Draw Me a House,” which fills 240 pages of crayon-ready paper with inspirational sketches. Author Thibaud Herem shows whimsically rendered outlines of several canons of architecture, and allows plenty of blank space for user improvements.

But this book isn’t just for kids; architecture enthusiasts of all ages can try their hand at perfecting Ronchamp’s expressive rooftop or designing a doghouse for the pampered pooch. Herem intersperses mildly educational factoids between sets of doors and windows, subtly infusing illustrations with knowledge that will, with any luck, elevate drawing to the level of detailing.  • $17.95; Cicada Books Limited, May 2012