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  • Garage Door Openers – A closer look at the basics and UL325 Standards

    1 LU HSW/AIA

    This course is registered with the AIA for 1 HSW hour and will take an in depth look at residential garage doors and their operators. We will identify the key components to a garage door, and take a closer look at how they actually work together. This course will focus on the importance of safety measures, especially in relation to UL325, and how they are applied to these door applications. Finally, this course will look at the different types of access control technologies in relation to residential garage door applications, and at the direction that these accessories are taking the use of the garage door opener. Take the course.

    May 2012
    Safety, Codes and Standards
  • Gate Operators: UL 325 Safety Code and Entrapment Mandates

    This course is registered for 1 HSW hour with AIA and will focus on gates and gate operators available in today’s market. We will identify the different types of gates, such as the three most common types: slide, swing and barrier; the most common drive types (chain driven, hydraulic slide and rack and pinion will be highlighted) as well as details on how they operate and with which type of gate they best work. We will move into more detail and highlight on some general installation rules and focus on the importance of operator placement and running wire for each type of gate. Finally, this course will wrap up by looking at the UL325 safety guidelines for gate operators and how they impact specifying and selecting a gate and operator. Take the course.

    February 2012
    Safety, Codes and Standards
    Lift Master
  • Health and Welfare Benefits of Home Hydrotherapy Systems - Aquatic Whirlpools

    1 LU HSW/SD

    You will be able to help your client identify the correct type of hydrotherapy system for their needs based on age, intended use, design preferences and available space. You will also be able to explain to them the health benefits associated with each type of system. Additionally, you will be able to show them options that fit the available space in their existing bathroom, as well as discuss design considerations of both retrofits and new construction for hydrotherapy systems. Take the course.

    October 2009
    Bath, Universal Design, Safety, Shower
    Aquatic Whirlpools