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Green Materials

  • Green Waterproofing Solutions

    1 LU HSW/SD

    There are many challenges facing the building and design community in regards to the prevention of water, moisture, and gas leakages in structures. Undertaking proper green waterproofing measures at the outset of construction ensures the long-term viability and sustainability of buildings. Upon completing this course, you will have a better understanding of why waterproofing is necessary, including the effects of mold, deterioration of foundations, elimination of air quality problems, and efficient use of below-grade structures as living environments. You will be able to describe the steps necessary to create a leak-free foundation and you will be familiar with the products available to use when waterproofing a structure. Finally, you will be familiar with the green building process and green waterproofing solutions. This program is registered with the AIA for 1 HSW hour. Take the course.

    October 2011
    Building Envelope, Moisture Barriers, Green Materials
  • Building Green with Vinyl Siding

    By the end of this learning unit, you will be able to define sustainability and green building, and list ways vinyl siding can contribute to points in leading green building certification programs. You will also be able to identify the properties that make vinyl siding sustainable. Finally, you will be able to analyze the life cycle assessment of vinyl siding. Take the course.

    August 2011
    Building Envelope, Siding, Green Materials, Exteriors
    Vinyl Siding Institute