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  • Can You Find the Sewage Treatment Plant in this Picture?

    Last week on vacation in Florida, my family and I visited the Green Cay Wetlands, a constructed wetland and nature preserve that also serves as the final-stage treatment facility for municipal wastewater.

  • Great Buildings on TV

    Public television station WTTW Chicago is at work on a program about "ten influential American buildings that changed the way we live, work, and play."

  • Have We Passed Peak Sprawl?

    Sprawl has been a dirty word--not to mention a lousy model of land use--for more than 50 years, but that never slowed its inexorable spread.

  • Italian Hill Town Art Installation in Seattle

    Architectural photographer Lara Swimmer and her husband, Seattle-based architect Robert Zimmer, have collaborated with artist Perri Lynch to produce a multi-media study of an Italian hill town.

  • New Ferrari Museum

    There is a new museum in Modena, Italy, dedicated to the work of automotive legend Enzo Ferrari.

  • Foreclosures to Rentals: The Marketplace at Work

    There may well be more elegant, less painful ways to keep houses occupied and roofs over people's heads, but investors buying up foreclosed properties and renting them out will probably play a large role in cycling distressed properties back into the system.

  • More Evidence that the iPad is Changing Your World

    Portable digital devices are changing our lives with amazing speed, and furniture design is running to catch up. Will architecture follow?

  • Lego Architecture

    Downstairs in our living room is a display of architectural models--Fallingwater, the Robie House, the Farnsworth House--all courtesy of one precocious 9-year-old and his generous grandparents.

  • Mapping the Economic Rebound

    Builders and architects have a pretty good sense of business conditions in their market.

  • Paul Rudolph's Disappearing Oeuvre

    Among prominent 20th century architects, Paul Rudolph is the one I find most problematic.

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