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  • Can a "Town Center" Ever Be a Real Town?

    Readers of this blog will know that I’m an advocate for places where one can get about on foot, by bike, and on public transportation. But not every such place can truly call itself a town.

  • The Teddy Bear Principle

    When it comes to small things, including small houses, the cognitive mechanism involved is pretty simple: We like them because they’re cute.

  • A Sense of Enclosure: Overnight at Alcatraz

    Buildings can be scary. Ask Brian Turner, an attorney and field officer with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, who recently spent a night at Alcatraz.

  • Michael Graves on the Value of Hand Drawing

    Celebrated architect Michael Graves says the computer will never completely supplant pencil and paper--nor should it.

  • Bruce Goff and Nostalgia for the Future

    I can’t look at a Bruce Goff building without thinking of LSD.

  • Architecture, Planning, and Pleasure

    The concept of walkability got a boost earlier this summer with a Brookings Institution report that pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods perform better economically than those that require more driving.

  • Stupid Building Tricks—and Why I’m Okay with This One

    Oh, look, another building that’s learned a trick. This apartment project, planned for South Melbourne, Australia, presents the illusion of a façade in catastrophic failure.

  • Reused bus makes a dandy guest quarters

    Portland, Maine, architect Will Winkelman has a knack for seeing architectural potential in commonplace industrial artifacts.

  • House Painting(s)

    I love paintings of buildings,so I really enjoyed seeing some of Edward Hopper's famous house paintings next to current photos of their subjects.

  • Uh-oh, DIY Architecture

    Since there's an app for everything, why not for architecture? So asks the uncharacteristically credulous New York Times.

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