AARP and Livable Communities

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What would happen to your quality of life if you could no longer drive? It's not an idle question; sooner or later diminished faculties will force most of us to face life without driving. And the answer depends almost entirely on where you live. In a thriving small town or urban neighborhood, where you can get around by foot, bike, or public transit, going car-less is no big thing. In auto-centric suburbs, on the other hand, handing over the keys can mean the end of independence. A Senate committee is considering a bill promoting "livable communities," new or retrofitted communities that support independent living for those who can't--or just don't want to--drive. The AARP, which has been on board with the concept for quite a while now, supports the measure. For custom builders and residential architects, too, this looks like a winner. Fewer aging clients forced  into assisted living by poor urban planning means more clients remodeling or building new homes that support aging in place. --B.D.S.



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