Two Cars in a One-Car Garage

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One of the benefits of urban living is having to drive less, but lots of urban clients still have to deal with storing more than a single car. One-car garages are typical in pre-WWII houses, on-street parking has its hassles and hazards, and infill lots challenge architects to balance the needs of cars with those of people. I've seen a number of solutions to the problem, but this company offers one that looks clean and relatively simple: a lift that lowers one car into a sub-grade space while providing a parking surface for a second car directly above it. --B.D.S.




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  • Posted by: gnbrlnk | Time: 6:17 AM Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Today garage is a part of residence or building used for storing a vehicle for safety point of view and also takes caring of your vehicle. So everyone should store their vehicle in garage.

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  • Posted by: Anonymous | Time: 9:45 AM Tuesday, June 08, 2010

    It sounds simple, but really, how practical is it? It has to be expensive and difficult to install in an existing garage. I looked at their homepage and they advertise it as a luxury. Not something city residents living in small, old houses can likely afford.

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