the great water shortage

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Almost every environmental building professional I know is concerned about future water shortages--all over the country, not just in desert areas. "We have seen the conversation taken up a notch recently in regions where water is not typically considered a problem," Virginia Lee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense program told me last year.

For the March 2008 issue of residential architect I spoke with eminent green architect Robert F. Fox, Jr., AIA, LEED AP, of Cook+Fox Architects, who said that if he had to limit himself to one recommendation for architects, he'd tell them to "look at opportunities to save water. There are lots of opportunities to do that." And in my recent conversation with another respected pioneer, green prefab architect Michelle Kaufmann, AIA, LEED AP, she sung the praises of graywater systems. As usual, the San Francisco AIA chapter is plugged in to the latest issues, co-hosting an exhibition called "Water for a Sustainable City" starting August 5, 2010.

For those in rainier parts of the counrty, it can be hard to think of water as a resource that needs to be conserved, becuase it's been so cheap and plentiful for so long. But this mind-set will change over the years ahead--and so will regulations, systems, and water-related products. Check out a recent article on water conservation by contributing editor Cheryl Weber, LEED AP, here.--m.d.


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