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This morning I was very happy to read a press release about a 1950's modern house in North Carolina that had recently been saved from a potential wrecking ball. I was glad to hear about the house, of course, but even more pleased about the fact that the home's original builder, Frank Walser, was mentioned in the release.

Architects know how important good builders are to the aesthetic success and financial value of their designs, and so do homeowners who have gone through the experience of building a custom home. But I'm not sure that the general public does, especially now that consumers are looking to cut costs more than ever. Think of how great it would be for the overall quality of residential architecture (and for the custom building field) if top custom builders were as widely known as the best architects!

The architect of that North Carolina house, by the way, was Kenneth Scott, and the landscape architect was Lewis Clarke, according to the press release. You can read about all three of these distinguished professionals at this cool blog, Triangle Modernist Homes.--m.d.



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