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Designing and building things is a gas. That's not the only reason we're in this business, but it's probably what got us involved in the first place. If you've ever thought it might be nice to let your kid in on the fun--and if his or her summer calendar is not already full--you may want to consider Beam Camp.

Here's a bit from the directors on the camp's philosophy:

We believe that the challenges that lie ahead for all of us require comfort with change, aptitude for adaptability, sensitivity to resource management and fluency for collaboration with a diverse group of people. We believe that children can best learn to address these challenges by engaging with adults, the Beam Guides who make a life and living from pursuits that require invention, design, planning and production: artists, architects, engineers, craftspeople, teachers, designers, chefs, musicians. We believe that children are at their boldest and most receptive to exploring and enjoying activities relating to these challenges in a beautiful, outdoor, community setting.
 Check out the bunkhouses, one of which was built by the campers themselves. Pretty architectural, don't you think? --b.d.s.




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