builders, architects, and the budget debate

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I try to keep political content to a minimum in these postings, but lately that’s been hard to do. The housing industry--the industry that feeds you and me and our children--is Ground Zero of the deepest economic crisis of our lives, a crisis that has sparked fierce debate about the federal deficit, government’s role in the economic life of the country, taxes, Medicare, and on and on. And custom builders and residential architects enjoy (if you can call it that) a unique vantage point on these matters.

When politicians talk about cutting or raising taxes on “the very rich” or “the top one percent,” they’re talking about your clients. When they talk about cutting or preserving Medicare and Social Security for “hardworking Americans,” they’re talking about your employees and other people you work with every day.

It’s easy to make sweeping generalizations about people you never meet: the rich, illegal immigrants, labor union members. On this job, you might have relationships with people in all of those groups and more. How does it feel to circulate in so many different worlds? Does it make sorting out political and economic issues easier or more difficult? --B.D.S.




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