Bruce Snider

Bruce D. Snider’s career in residential architecture and construction stretches back more than 25 years, and includes a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and 12 years as a writer and editor for Hanley Wood magazines. A senior editor for residential architect and CUSTOM HOME, he lives with his wife and three children on the coast of Maine.

Claire Conroy

S. Claire Conroy is editorial director of residential architect, CUSTOM HOME, and CUSTOM HOME OUTDOORS magazines. She has written about residential design and building for more than 18 years. Prior to Hanley Wood, she served as managing editor and arts editor of Dossier, a city magazine based in Washington, D.C. In 2003, she received American Business Media’s Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Staff-Written Editorials. Her passion for houses and design is genetically linked; her mother, Sarah Booth Conroy, Hon. AIA, was the longtime home design editor and a columnist for The Washington Post. She is a graduate of Vassar College.

Meghan Drueding

Meghan Drueding is a senior editor at residential architect and CUSTOM HOME magazines, and has been writing about home design for 14 years. She grew up in Wayne, Pa., and graduated from Dartmouth College. Meghan is a LEED Green Associate and lives in Washington, D.C.

Nigel Maynard

Nigel F. Maynard, senior editor for residential architect and BUILDER magazines, got his first taste of construction at the age of 14 in St. Croix, but he didn`t realize how much he learned until he became an associate editor at Hanley Wood in 1998. Since then, he has made architecture and building products his life--literally. In addition to covering products for residential architect (you may know him as Dr. Spec), he renovates old houses using the knowledge he picks up at work.

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