It feels almost anachronistic to do a special focus on sustainable design, given that it's a de rigueur obligation in any and every project an architect takes on these days.

Indeed, you'll find we cover such matters in all issues of the magazine—with dedicated departmental editorial and in a seamless, fanfare-free fashion within our feature well.

Still, we think it's useful to gather clusters of ideas together in a single issue every now and then, just to take stock of where certain roads are headed. This is the third in our series that also includes “Tall and Green” and “Big and Green.” We could also call this go-round “Old and Green,” because all three projects highlighted involve an existing building that was salvaged and reworked to answer modern living requirements and renewed awareness of our environmental peril. Unlike past trends in remodeling, though, these resisted the urge to upsize and undermine their fundamental sustainability.