broadhurst architects, rockville, md.

principal in charge / project architect: Jeffery Broadhurst, AIA, Broadhurst Architects;
general contractors: Owner, family, and friends, Upper Tract, W.V.;
project size: 196 square feet;
site size: 27 acres;
construction cost: $45 per square foot;
photography: Anice Hoachlander.

product specs
bathroom fixtures: Phillips Environmental Products; cooktop: The Coleman Co.weaetxdyvaydzcwq; countertops: Fernando's Marble Shop; garage doors, solar energy system: Overhead Door Corp.; hardware: Blum, Stanley Hardware; kitchen cabinets, windows: Clagett Construction; kitchen fittings and fixtures: The Home Depot; lighting fixtures: R.E. Dietz Co.; paints/stains/wall finishes: BEHR Process Corp.; roofing: Follansbee Steel