dean marchetto & associates architects, hoboken, n.j.

Dean Marchetto did his homework before embarking on the design of this 10-unit, Arts-and-Crafts influenced apartment complex in Hoboken, N.J. He and his developer client traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, where they studied the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Marchetto convinced the client to allow him to reinterpret Hoboken's traditional forms, incorporating elements from the great Arts-and-Crafts architect's work. The Gate's brick facade and vertically punched windows are a nod to Hoboken conventions; its black lintels and modern rooftop cornice pay homage to Mackintosh. The result? A building that, as one judge said, "understands history, rather than mimicking it."

The 10 residential units at The Gate sold out at the highest dollar per square foot in the city; a florist occupies the lone retail unit. "The buyers really liked the fact that this project had a theme," says Marchetto. "The Arts-and-Crafts concept definitely attracted more design-conscious types."

project architect: Ramon Quiray, Dean Marchetto & Associates Architects
developer: Jenniann C. Barile, Hoboken
general contractor: Bob Montesano, Delsano Contracting Corp., Union, N.J.
project size: 15,000 square feet
site size: .05 acres
construction cost: $110 per square foot
sales price: approximately $250,000 per unit
units in project: 10 residential, one retail