ryan lingard design
portland, ore.

The Signal Shed proves that a great sum of money isn’t necessary for good architecture. Designer Ryan Lingard built the outdoor adventure post largely with recycled products—windows, hardware, siding—and set the structure on piers to limit site disturbance. Large sliding doors create a connection to the interior, and operable rain screen shutters protect the windows. A dark stain helps the shed blend in with the forest. One judge lauded its “absence of almost everything,” while another commented: “It sets apart and fits well with the land.”

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product details

countertops, flooring, kitchen cabinets, kitchen fittings, and kitchen fixtures: IKEA, www.ikea.com; insulation: Owens Corning, www.owenscorning.com; paints/stains/wall finishes: Cabot, www.cabotstain.com; roofing: Metal Sales, www.metalsales.us.com