sasaki associates, san francisco

This campus infill project was designed to "seem more like a village rather than just mass housing." Lauded by the jury for its interesting sequence of spaces and well-handled density, the mixed-use complex encompasses 762 student beds, a student service center, and retail. Principal John Coons and his team focused on trying to connect the buildings with their surroundings in ways that would encourage human interaction. Three courtyards--each with a distinct purpose and feel--make up the core of their plan. Coons says, "We put equal value on the open spaces as much as the built structures."

Located on prominent corners and glazed in curtain walls, common rooms become glowing beacons of gathering. The two-story spaces with interior stairwells and mezzanines also act as vertical bridges between floors in the six-story towers. Placing the laundry room on a high floor draws students up through the building to places they might otherwise never visit, and an outdoor terrace keeps them lingering.

principal in charge: John Coons, Sasaki Associates
project designer: Tim Stevens, Sasaki Associates
general contractor: Kim Diamond, Catellus Residential Group, Oakland
structural engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers, San Francisco
civil engineer: Olivia Chen Consultants, San Francisco
mechanical and electrical engineer: C&B Consulting Engineers, San Francisco
landscape architect: Tim Deacon, Sasaki Associates
interior designer: Diana Kissil, Sasaki Associates
project size: 395,000 square feet
site size: 3.64 acres
construction cost: $149.99 per square foot
rental rate: $785 to $895 monthly
units in project: 191 apartments
photographer: Greg Hursley, except where noted