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  • Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Vision Plan, Benton, Ark.

    Low-impact development and innovative home design offer the potential to revitalize a 100-year-old African-American neighborhood.

  • Living spaces, divided into separate zones for men and for women, cluster around a walled central courtyard.

    Suliman House, Juba, Sudan

    This proposed residence, for an extended family in Sudan, reflects the country's climatic and cultural norms.

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    House 99, Houston

    Architects Gail Peter Borden, RA, AIA, and Brian Delford Andrews, RA, covered all the bases—affordability, sustainability, and energy efficiencyÑin this prototype Houston house.

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    Community | City: Between Building and Landscape

    Marilys R. Nepomechie's proposal for revitalizing Smoketown, a historic African-American neighborhood in Louisville, Ky., won wide praise from our judges.

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    Porchscapes, Fayetteville, Ark.

    Parks—not pipes. That was the rallying call behind Porchscapes, where a series of water treatment parks is the connective tissue for an entire low-income community.

  • venice beach lofts, venice, calif.

    Steven Ehrlich Architects' design for this four-unit loft project caught the judges' attention with its high level of livability.

  • atlantic commons, atlanta

    The Atlantic Commons redevelopment project will be a self-contained metropolitan neighborhood with lofts, terraced apartments, and townhouses.

  • the bayou district at park city, new orleans

    When Hurricane Katrina roared through New Orleans, it devastated the already deteriorating St. Bernard Housing Development. Fast-track plans to demolish and rebuild the area resulted in this design our judges calle

  • truro dune house, truro, mass.

    The owners of this Cape Cod acreage want to take advantage of its ocean views and white sand beach without damaging the delicate dunes.

  • torqued house, los altos hills, calif.

    The site for this northern California house begins in a meadow and continues up a wooded hill. To engage both of these aspects, architect Mark L. Donohue, AIA, divided the copper mesh-covered home into three stepped pavilions that torque to take in variou

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