i.e. collaborative (ignition architecture/ellipsis a+d), oakland, calif.

The judges remarked on the clear presentation, ambitious goals, and contextual response of this mixed-use project designed for a slim San Francisco parcel. “It's considering so many different aspects,” one observed.

Collaborators Gregory Klosowski, AIA, and Veronica Hinkley-Reck designed 16 housing units between ground-floor and some top-floor retail spaces. They envision the studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units as prefab modules dropped into a site-built framework of concrete and steel. “We were trying to give the feeling of single-family dwellings in an urban context,” Hinkley-Reck says. Residents can customize their porches and front façades, and every dwelling enjoys access to private and public garden space.

Solar panels and rainwater collectors supply a sustainable component. “We wanted to really integrate sustainability into the building, so it's not tacked on,” Klosowski says. He and Hinkley-Reck first created the currently unbuilt project for the 2005 San Francisco Prize competition, where it won honorable mention recognition.

project architects / principals in charge: Gregory Klosowski, AIA, and Veronica Hinkley-Reck, i.e. collaborative (ignition architecture/ellipsis a+d)
project size: 850 square feet to 2,000 square feet per uni;
site size: 0.3 acre
construction cost: Projected $175 to $225 per square foot
units in project: 16
renderings: Courtesy i.e. collaborative.