tannerhecht architecture, san francisco The Cannery Lofts live/work buildings delicately balance their light industrial location with pedestrian-friendly courtyards and street scenes. The project's usable outdoor spaces won over our judges, who called it a “wonderful marriage of unit type to site plan.”

Designed for small-scale professional service businesses, the 22 units have upper-level residential spaces, ground floor office/retail, and six parking spaces per unit. To maintain privacy for the residential spaces, architect David Hecht pushed the upper portions back from the street and accommodated parking with double-height breezeways that facilitate views to other lots. Adhering to its industrial pedigree, each building features moment frames and painted metal siding.

“Openness was very important to the design,” says Hecht. Large retractable glass doors on the residential level and slide-up aluminum garage doors on the commercial spaces exploit the temperate climate and bring in light. “There is a lot of ambition in the spaces and a lot of energy in the design,” our judges said.

principal in charge: David Hecht, Tannerhecht Architecture
project architects: Jim Tanner, Kevin Tabari, Evan Jacob, and Tom Silva, Tannerhecht Architecture
developer / general contractor:
Kevin Weeda, Cannery Lofts, LP (CWI Development, Newport Beach)
landscape architect:
Mark Schattinger, Matt Jackson, and Owens Duffy, MJS Design, Newport Beach
project size: 2,837 square feet (2,087 residential, 750 commercial)
site size: 1.44 acres
construction cost: $185 per square foot
sales price: $1.3 million to $2.2 million
units in project: 22
photographer: Brendan Dunnigan, except where noted