Interior, changing facility.
© Mike Sinclair Interior, changing facility.

Design+Make Studio at Kansas State University   

The Camp Daisy Hindman Shower Facility, in Dover, Kan., is a far cry from the lean-to of yesteryear outdoor adventures. The new building was designed and built by students from Kansas State University’s College of Architecture, Planning, and Design, as part of a studio led by David Dowell, AIA, and Douglas Stockman, AIA, principals of Kansas City, Mo., architecture firm El Dorado. It replaces outdated and scattered facilities for the Girl Scouts with a more modern, 2,400-square-foot shower cabin and splash park. Black-stained cedar planks of the exterior walls are stacked tightly at the base of the walls to allow for privacy, but are spaced out in even intervals as they rise to the structure’s gabled roof, allowing light and ventilation to reach the interior. Inside, bright green stall curtains add a pop of color, which prompted juror Cary Bernstein to note that “the high contrast palette is helpful to make an otherwise dreary facility interesting at a design level.” Despite the recognizable form of the structures, Bernstein added that “the strength of the design, even though it's so simple and distinct, can give this facility an identity through the architecture as opposed to through signage and logos and other things.”

Juror Josh Shelton recused himself from discussion.

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Camp Daisy Hindman Shower Facility, Dover, Kan.
© Mike Sinclair Camp Daisy Hindman Shower Facility, Dover, Kan.

© Mike Sinclair Exterior.

Interior, shower facility.
© Mike Sinclair Interior, shower facility.

Section perspective rendering.
Courtesy El Dorado Section perspective rendering.

Exterior, day.
© Mike Sinclair Exterior, day.

Exterior, night.
© Mike Sinclair Exterior, night.

Camp Daisy Hindman Shower Facility, Dover, Kan.
© Mike Sinclair Camp Daisy Hindman Shower Facility, Dover, Kan.


Shower facility plan.
Courtesy el dorado Shower facility plan.

Project Credits

Project  Camp Daisy Hindman Shower Facility, Dover, Kan.
Architect  Design+Make Studio at Kansas State University—David Dowell, AIA, Douglas Stockman, AIA (studio teachers and principals at El Dorado, Kansas City, Mo.); Ryan Halford, Adam Reilly, Bo Steadman (shed design); Alex Callow, Assoc. AIA; Aaron Garcia; Jen Hannon, Assoc. AIA; Amanda Mihelcic; Justin Pohl; Kevin Stelzer (interior components design, fabrication, and installation)
Architects  of Record  David Dowell, AIA, Douglas Stockman, AIA
General Contractor  Kelley Construction; KSU Design+Make Studio
Girl Scouts Property Manager  Kara Kellerman
Camp Daisy Camp Ranger  Keith Broxterman
Photography  Mike Sinclair
ProjectSize  2,400 square feet
ConstructionCost  $125 per square foot

Materials and Sources

Bathroom Fittings  Chicago Faucets
Bathroom Fixtures  American Standard
Hardware  Schlage; Yale
Lighting Fixtures  Philips Stonco
Paints and Finishes  Sherwin-Williams Co.
Steel  KSU Design+Make Studio (custom steel work)