Normally, Kogan would have extended the rich wood floors from the rest of the house into the master bathroom, “but in this case,” he says, “the clients wanted sterile and extreme.” What they got was a polished, durable oasis of white Brazilian marble that nearly blankets the room without overpowering it.

Oversized tiles give the marble depth and human scale as it covers the sybaritic soaking tub, hovers along the wall in the form of a spacious double vanity, and becomes the backdrop for twin starburst showerheads. A full-length mirror, hung horizontally over the vanity, teams with polished surfaces to bounce natural and manmade light around the white space. Shadow boxes-cum-storage cubbies in the tub and shower store shampoo, candles, and other essentials.

Sharp-eyed visitors will spot Kogan's meticulous sense of symmetry in the placement of those cubbies, whose bottom edges align with each other and with the top of the vanity across the room. In other alignments, the mirror tops out at the same height as the frameless shower enclosure and the ceiling stops exactly above the outer edges of the bathing areas that flank it. The rectilinear forms in the master bath hearken back to the long, narrow proportions of the kitchen, even as deeply recessed joints between the floor, walls, and ceiling emphasize the separation of each space.