new orleans

At first glance, this sleek multifamily building in downtown New Orleans doesn’t immediately call to mind the city’s French Quarter. But one aspect of that historic neighborhood directly inspired architect Steve Dumez, FAIA. “In the French Quarter there’s a semi-private transition from private to public,” he says. “Our thought was, can we transform that into a denser, more high-rise model?” He and his team created a ninth-floor communal space featuring city views, a coffee bar, and WiFi. Outside, on the same level, an amenity-laden terrace tops the mixed-use project’s parking garage. “The terrace is terrific,” said a judge.

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product details

bathroom fittings: Delta,, Mainline,; bathroom fixtures: Kohler,; cooktop, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator: GE,; doors: Marshfield DoorSystems,, United States Aluminum,; exterior siding: Centria,; flooring: Harcon,; glass: Guardian Industries,, Viracon,; hvac equipment: Nailor,, Trane,; insulation: CertainTeed,; kitchen fixtures: Elkay,; lighting fixtures: Bega,, Crescent/Stonco,, Liton Lighting,, RSA,; paints/stains/wall finishes: Sherwin-Williams,; roofing: Derbigum,, Neogard,; windows: Centria,, United States Aluminum,, Winco,