At residential architect, we've been carefully keeping tabs on the new wave of Modern prefab housing. Mindful of the way like-minded movements have sputtered out in the past, we've had our doubts about the power of prefab to fundamentally change the housing industry. So we consulted established architects, educators, and other experts on the front lines of the battle to improve the built environment. And we investigated a cross-section of prefab-focused firms—some relatively experienced, others just getting their feet wet. Our research convinced us that prefabricated building methods have a real shot at becoming more than a flash in the pan. If the current crop of prefab architects can find a way to control quality, cost, and timing issues, they just might provide a fresh answer to the constant question of how to mass-produce high-quality housing.

prefab confab

control the factory process

customize modular typologies

outsource sales and marketing

adapt custom design to prefab techniques

transform containers into housing