For their environmental zeal and efforts, Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of InterfaceFLOR, and Rocky Mountain Institute(RMI) co-founder Amory B. Lovins, Hon. AIA, will be honored this fall by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) as two of the five founding members of the ISSP’s Sustainability Hall of Fame.

The petroleum-intensive industry of carpet manufacturing moved toward a greener future 14 years ago. That was when Ray Anderson had an ecological epiphany and changed not only his company’s production practices, but began influencing the way other manufacturers design, produce, and ship their goods. Anderson’s vision of a net-zero company by 2020 is more than 50 percent achieved, and his frequent presentations on the profitability of sustainability help businesses worldwide. According to Anderson, once InterfaceFLOR reaches its goal, “We’ll spend the rest of our days harvesting yesteryear’s carpets and other petrochemically derived products, and recycling them into new materials; and converting sunlight into energy; with zero scrap going to the landfill and zero emissions into the ecosystem.”

Experimental physicist Amory B. Lovins has been working to streamline energy production and use for 35 years. Lovins leads the RMI in research and action plans to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, especially in the fields of built environment, transportation, and energy production. In his capacity as chairman and chief scientist of RMI since 1982, Lovins advises clients such as the U.S. and foreign governments, United Nations, World Bank, and dozens of major corporations. He’s written 31 books and hundreds of papers devoted to improving energy-efficiency and presents at engineering and design conferences around the globe. Lovins also is a pianist, composer, and poet.

Anderson and Lovins devote their time and energy to making the design, engineering, and construction industries greener and healthier. Three of their colleagues in similar fields also will be inducted into ISSP’s Hall of Fame: Gil Friend, president and CEO of Natural Logic, a respected sustainability strategy firm; Karl-Henrik Robèrt, a Swedish cancer researcher and founder of The Natural Step, a framework for sustainable development; and Bob Willard, a teacher, speaker, and author who focuses on selling and implementing the case for sustainability as a best business practice. The ISSP board of directors will annually select new members who professionally and personally meet the stated criteria for “service, research, innovation, advancement of the case for sustainability, participation in the adoption of sustainability in sectors or regions, and/or contribution to the definition of the profession.”

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