The National Building Museum's 11th Vincent Scully Prize will be presented to Christopher Alexander—architect, professor, and author of A Pattern Language and The Nature of Order—on Nov. 5, 2009, at the museum in Washington, D.C.

During the prize event, Alexander will present an original lecture on the need for a new production system for buildings, communities, and neighborhoods, drawing on two large-scale examples: a completed project in Japan and an ongoing project in Milwaukie, Ore. Following his presentation, Alexander will be joined by Boston Globe architecture critic Robert Campbell and Michael Mehaffy, research associate at the Center for Environmental Structure for a panel discussion. Prepaid registration is required to attend the Vincent Scully Prize event on Nov. 5, 6:30 p.m. through 8 p.m. Click here to register and purchase tickets.

ra covered the announcement of the 2009 Vincent Scully Prize recipient in September. To learn more about Alexander's accomplishments, read ra's 2001 Hall of Fame Leadership Award profile.