2009 Architects' Choice

  • rubber made

    Minarc: Rubber-Cal's recycled rubber sheet and tile products.

  • daily mass

    Minarc: Portland Cement Association's concrete flooring materials.

  • clad wrap

    Minarc: U.S. Architectural Products' Cem-Clad panels.

  • solar sandwich

    David Vandervort Architects: Silicon Energy's Cascade Series PV modules.

  • triple play

    David Vandervort Architects: 3form USA's Varia ecoresin line of translucent architectural panels.

  • lovely leftovers

    David Vandervort Architects: Tiger Mountain Innovations' Squak Mountain Stone.

  • seamless install

    David Vandervort Architects: AEP Span's Design Span hp standing seam.

  • repeat performances

    TANNERHECHT Architecture: Building Materials Reuse Association's reclaimed wood

  • cotton pick

    TANNERHECHT Architecture: Bonded Logic's UltraTouch insulation.

  • aluminum remix

    TANNERHECHT Architecture: Renewed Materials' Alkemi recycled aluminum solid surfacing.

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