2006 Architects' Choice

  • cold comfort

    Carney Architects: Hardwood-framed windows from Case Window and Door.

  • crafty exchange

    Carney Architects: Cabinets and ceiling treatments from Spearhead Timberworks.

  • cutting-edge wedge

    Carney Architects: Belfer's halogen wedge lighting.

  • side lines

    Marlon Blackwell Architects: Copper roofing used as siding from Franklin & Son.

  • horsing around

    Marlon Blackwell Architects: EFCO's clear anodized commercial windows.

  • steely eye

    Marlon Blackwell Architects: Custom metal work from Zahner Co.

  • under pressure

    Envision Design: Sloan's Flushmate pressure-assist toilet system.

  • batting green

    Envision Design: Johns Manville fiberglass batt insulation.

  • sniff test

    Envision Design: Benjamin Moore's Eco Spec low-odor paint.

  • discard yard

    Office of Mobile Design: Recycled and found materials such as shipping containers.

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