2005 Architects' Choice

  • Outgoing Lam

    Semple Brown Design: Abet Laminiti's yellow laminates

  • Top Drop

    Semple Brown Design: Anta's drop pendant fixture

  • Metal Medley

    Semple Brown Design: Metecno-Morin's metal products

  • Neat Sheet

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: CYRO Industries' Acrylite sheets.

  • Clear Value

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: PPG Industries' Starphire ultra clear glass

  • Slight Light

    Johnsen Schmaling Architects: Lumière's Westwood 913 light

  • radiant touch

    Bisque radiators “appear like sculptures on the wall,” says Bloomberg, who speced one for this bathroom.

  • resin d'etre

    Kube: Parklex is made from high-density Kraft paper impregnated with resin, and surface is always 100 percent natural wood.

  • see through

    Kube: LUMAsite translucent plastic panels are cast from 100 percent acrylic or modified polyester resins to create tough shatterproof sheets, the manufacturer says.

  • lyte commercial

    Place Architects often re-purposes industrial products for residential applications. Stonco's Roughlyte is one example.

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