2013 Architects' Choice

Architects' Choice 2013

Product picks and wish lists from 10 top practitioners

10 top architects tell us their favorite residential building products, as well as the products that make their wish lists.


2012 architects' choice

2012 Architects' Choice

We asked eight architects we admire to share their favorite traditional and modern products.


2011 architects' choice

2011 Architects' Choice

Our experts pick their favorite plain and fancy products.

2011 Architects' Choice

  • Stephanie Horowitz

    Zero Energy Design

    Stephanie Horowitz shares her favorite low-cost and high-end products.

  • Matthew D. Berman and Andrew D. Kotchen of workshop/apd


    Andrew D. Kotchen and Matthew D. Berman pick their favorite budget and high-end products.

  • David Trachtenberg

    Trachtenberg Architects

    David Trachtenberg picks his favorite low-cost and high-end products.


2010 architects' choice

  • eternal light

    Historical Concepts: Lighting fixtures that "merge the old with the new for finely crafted, yet functional [...]"

  • Image


    Historical Concepts: Rocky Mountain casts its products, in this case doorknobs, from bronze and applies various old world finishes.

  • Image

    downright upright

    Historical Concepts: When columns are done right, nothing expresses the interrelationship between function, form, and beauty more...

  • Image

    clear view

    Antoine Predock Architect: John Lewis Glass cast glass: When the light comes in its truly magical.

residential architect july/august

Architects' Choice

Our annual Architects' Choice showcase features timeless materials selected by luminaries in the profession.


2009 Architects' Choice

  • carolina blues

    Frank Harmon Architect: Jacob's Creek Stone Co.'s Nor Carla Bluestone.

  • zip it

    Kaplan Thompson Architects: Huber Engineered Woods' ZIP System building envelopes.

  • greenprints

    Specht Harpman: Weston Solutions' GreenGrid modular system.


2008 Architects' Choice

  • Tex Mix

    Rob Paulus Architect: Mix Phifertex fabric panels with run-of-the-mill turnbuckles and eyebolts to create sunscreens and other...

  • On Guard

    Rob Paulus Architect: Tampa, Fla.-based McNichols specializes in lightweight perforated metal panels that are suitable for many...

  • Driven To Xcell

    Rockhill and Associates: Xcell spray-in cellulose is used in lieu of fiberglass to prevent air leakage more effectively than conventional...


2007 Architects' Choice

  • globus trotter

    Single Speed Design: Globus Cork tiles in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

  • curve appeal

    Single Speed Design: Laminated bamboo from Smith & Fong.

  • rhein tone

    Single Speed Design: RHEINZINK's eponymous building material.


2006 Architects' Choice

  • wide angle

    Tobler Duncker: The Superior TM-4500 by Lennox Hearth Products, a clean-face wood-burning fireplace with a large opening, eliminates the...

  • agri culture

    Tobler Duncker: Copper Sales' metal exterior products' "simple quality serves the modern representation of the ranch/agricultural...

  • tangentially speaking

    Kevin Defreitas Architects, AIA: Tangent lever designed by architect Robert Watson for Lockwood.


2005 Architects' Choice

  • Outgoing Lam

    Semple Brown Design: Abet Laminiti's yellow laminates

  • Top Drop

    Semple Brown Design: Anta's drop pendant fixture

  • Metal Medley

    Semple Brown Design: Metecno-Morin's metal products