2007 Residential Architect Design Awards

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modular 3, kansas city, kan.

This modular residence by Studio 804, architect Dan Rockhill's student design/build program at the University of Kansas, barely touches the ground. More

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jackson family retreat, big sur, calif.

Flawlessly executed details such as this house's wafer-thin roof, delicate Alaskan yellow cedar rainscreen, and translucent walls captured the judges' attention. More

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ontario 301, washington, d.c.

When it came time to liberate her dark, disorienting apartment in a Beaux-Arts... More

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artist's studio, seattle

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but in the hands of Tom Kundig, FAIA, rudimentary solutions become bold and celebratory. More

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wapiti valley residence, wapiti valley, wyo.

Wyoming's rugged character tends to attract adventurous souls. Two of this intrepid breed found their way to Lori Ryker and Brett W. Nave, looking for a vacation house that's at once “aggressive and interesting” but re More

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sheridan street housing, philadelphia

Our judges gave Interface Studio kudos for the overall strength of this project, but what really impressed them was how the firm arranged the townhomes on a long city block. More

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moen pool and guesthouse, des moines, iowa

This simple but elegant guesthouse gazes across a pool to the owner's eco-conscious house, designed in the 1970s by Ray D. Crites, FAIA, a well-known Iowa architect. The main house is about 120 feet lon More

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guesthouse and party barn, hico, texas

“I'd like to have a party there,” said one juror. The others agreed, saying the simple, yet beautifully detailed, space “really sings.” Dan Shipley, FAIA, kept forms basic because he didn't want the addition to upstage the main More

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roddy/bale garage, bellevue, wash.

This multipurpose outbuilding was designed on a modest budget, but it rises above its humble endowment. Citing its beautiful construction and detailing, our judges gave it a Grand award. More

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freezer panel walkout, eulogy, texas

Shipley Architects, Dallas. These homeowners, who travel frequently, wanted to see the stars from their bed. Dan Shipley, FAIA, the designer of their existing house, “encouraged them to be a little daring” in how they got their wish. More

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