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The AIA Reports Substantial Improvement in the Residential Design SectorThe AIA Reports Substantial Improvement in the Residential Design Sector

Architects are reporting more work on the boards and more calls from potential clients. Some even dare to call themselves “busy.” Read more

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Architects Need to Stop the Superior Dance

We all want to see a more beautiful world before us. But architects must present a prettier face to the public if they're to be trusted with the opportunity to contribute to its improvement. Read more

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Power StrugglePower Struggle

Today's kitchen command center is a tangle of mobile devices vying for a place to plug in. Read more

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It's Time to Build Houses AgainIt's Time to Build Houses Again

What we need are some compelling reasons in our arsenal to convince people to go ahead and build that dream house. Here are a few of those reasons. Read more

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Stormy WeatherStormy Weather

Severe weather events pose challenges and should capture the attention of custom builders and residential architects as we need to rethink the way we design and construct our houses. Read more

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