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Claire Conroy mugS. Claire Conroy is editorial director of residential architect, CUSTOM HOME, and CUSTOM HOME OUTDOORS magazines. She has written about residential design, arts, and culture for more than 28 years. In 2003, she received American Business Media’s Jesse H. Neal Award for her editorials. Her passion for houses and design is genetically linked; her mother, Sarah Booth Conroy, Hon. AIA, was the longtime home design editor and a columnist for The Washington Post. Like her mother before her, Claire is a notorious real estate yenta, always trying to match her friends with the perfect house on the market. She spends many Sunday afternoons touring Realtors’ open houses and has watched every episode of House Hunters International. Her own house is an eclectic mix of art nouveau, modern, and arts and crafts pieces, her father’s paintings and sculptures, and her young son’s creations in Play-Doh. She is a graduate of Vassar College.


Articles by S. Claire Conroy

  • show us your '70s house

    As I write this, 20 universities have taken over the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to demonstrate the potential of solar power in housing. Those of us who remember the '70s can smile at the exuberance of students rediscovering these technologies. Thi

  • are you a winner?

    If you're lucky in your clients and your abilities, you design lovely houses all the time. When they're done, you're delighted to put them up on your Web site or in your portfolio without resorting to hours of Photoshop intervention. And your clients are delighted to tell their friends about how...

  • modern craft

    I'm spending my weekends performing a task all baby boomers dread: I'm clearing out my parents' house. It's a cavernous place packed basement to attic with books, decorative objects, and furniture.

  • a template for the future?

    In our current issue of ra, we check in with the architects who are rebuilding and repopulating the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. Many of them were affected directly by the storm's devastation, losing real property, personal property, and professional prosperity. Perhaps some suffered...

  • no singular solutions, please

    Americans are a big-hearted group with a short attention span. Two years after Hurricane Katrina plowed down everything in her path along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, we've moved on to other subjects of sympathy.

  • confessions of a production home buyer

    I've given up my lovely little 1928 bungalow for a production home. My colleague, the editor of CUSTOM HOME magazine, has threatened to out me, so I thought I'd beat her to the punch.

  • real simple

    What is it about those architects in Minnesota? They’re like apostles of an old wisdom most of us have forgotten.

  • evaluating value

    Here at ra, we've long known the secret of the high-design, low-cost house: it belongs to an architect.

  • remodel, c'est moi

    In her latest book, The Not So Big Life (Random House, $24.95), residential architect Sarah Susanka, FAIA, focuses her formidable problem-solving skills not just on our houses but on our very lives.

  • reinvention recalled

    At ra's winter Reinvention Symposium, held in San Diego, we dipped into some of the entrepreneurial endeavors architects are plumbing: design/build, development, landscape design, product design, and more.

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