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Public Architecture's 1% Partners with the American Society of Interior Designers

Interior designers join architects in committing to donating 1 percent of their services to nonprofits in need of professional assistance. Read more

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Rebuilding After Disaster Rebuilding After Disasterweaetxdyvaydzcwq

For someone who's experienced a serious natural disaster, an 8-by-12-foot shed can be a lifeline to normalcy. Read more

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citizen architect

nonprofits can help architects put the pro in pro bono. Read more

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john peterson john peterson

Most of the time, John Peterson, AIA, projects a laid-back personality—the kind you'd expect him to have after 15 years in mellow San Francisco. But get him talking about a project that Public Architecture, the nonprofit he founded, is working on, and suddenly he can't talk quickly or enthusiastically enough. Read more

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public citizens

Every year, architecture firms and practitioners receive requests for pro bono or reduced-fee work. Typically, these inquiries come from communities, churches, nonprofit organizations, and the like—sources who genuinely cannot afford to pay market rates. Unfortunately, very few firms have institutionalized ways to field and respond to these requests, much less execute the projects to the same level of quality as their regular work. Read more

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