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The New Normal, part 1 The New Normal, part 1

Ownership and equity are about more than square footage in today's home. They're about design's value and process, too. Read more

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what i saw at the evolution what i saw at the evolution

Residential design and construction have taken a dramatic track over the decade of Read more

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a manifesto

The majority of Americans live in poorly designed homes that are haphazardly sited, thoughtlessly constructed, and, in some cases, hazardous to their health. Read more

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natural laws

Most architects think traditional design and detailing techniques are a boring cop-out. Similarly, many academics find blunt prose simplistic. Plain language is indeed comparable to accepted building techniques—direct and to the point, with acknowledged meanings and proven results. Just like florid prose from the mouth of a professor, experimental building techniques and products that are designed to impress often reflect an architect's need for self-justification. Read more

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beauty on a budget

About six years ago, I was contacted by Nancy and Mike Johnston, who faced a classic dilemma: how to maximize their "bang for the buck" on a site with mixed blessings. Read more

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