Everyone needs a little directional assistance occasionally, but sometimes nothing less than a complete evaluation of personal and environmental energies is called for. That's where the art of Feng Shui comes into play, whether making a major life decision or simply deciding how best to orient a building to maximize positive energies.

Now, even when you can't get your Feng Shui advisor on the phone, you can access the capabilities of a Feng Shui practitioner using your Apple iPhone, via the newly released Life Compass app. Developed by Portland, Ore.-based company FortuneCompass.com, Life Compass is designed to give users personalized information and advice on relationships, careers, health, spiritual matters, interior design, and even house hunting.

Life Compass, available for download from the iTunes App Store for $1.99, integrates the iPhone 3GS's internal compass with Feng Shui calculations and data to locate personal Qi (energy) directions. Additional modules, such as the Eight Mansions and Flying Star compass calculations help evaluate the Qi of a building or a room and help users determine their personal compatibility and optimum orientations and furniture arrangements for prosperity, good health, spiritual growth, or successful relationships.

The Eight Directions module ($4.99) shows the orientations of all eight types of Qi, favorable and challenging; the Focus Compass helps users arrange furniture in a room; Eight Mansions ($9.99) shows how best to use rooms, and Flying Star ($24.99) gives advanced analysis of a house or office. Each module can be purchased separately or as a complete package for $39.99.