Los Angeles

Candid Camera

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) received $270,000 in grants in 2011 from the Getty Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts to support digitization of more than 1,000 hours of architecture lecture videos by Frank O. Gehry (1975), Rem Koolhaas (1985), and Thom Mayne (1994). The lectures will be available in 2012 through SCI-Arc’s Digital Lecture Archive, which already offers 200-plus lecture videos online. Also included are lectures by Beatriz Colomina, Manuel Delanda, and Reyner Banham.

Learn more at sciarc.edu/lectures.php.


Hybrid Plants

Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP), part of the AIA’s Center for Integrated Practice, hosts its second multivenue Hybrid Conference—New Technologies, Alliances, Practices—on Nov. 12 in conjunction with Build Boston. Although Boston will be the “hub,” 10 components will host remote satellite sessions, including New York City, Dallas, and Chicago.

Learn more at aia.org/tap.


Finnish Lines

This summer, the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) in Helsinki explores the relationship between the architecture of Finnish schools today and the country’s high educational marks from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). “The Best School in the World” runs through Sept. 25 and joins the permanent exhibition “Decades of Finnish Architecture 1900–1970.”

Learn more at mfa.fi.

dayton, OHio

Unconventional Methods

On Sept. 16 and 17, AIA Ohio Valley Region is hosting Discover.Design.Dayton, billed as an “UNConvention for Emerging Professionals.” With programs titled “Ask a Fellow Roundtable” and “How to Champion Your Project as a Young Designer,” the UNConvention will cover mentoring, portfolio review, regulations and issues related to operating an architecture firm, and alternative careers in architecture.

Learn more at aiaohio.org.


Tokyo to You

Next month, an AIA delegation will attend the International Union of Architect’s (UIA) 24th World Congress in Tokyo (Sept. 25–Oct. 1). AIA leadership and members will strengthen existing and new strategic relationships to help members expand their practice internationally. They will also report on best practices and resources while advancing the American architecture profession and its interests abroad.

Learn more about UIA Tokyo at uia2011tokyo.com; read daily reports at aia.org.