1. Afternoon Matinee

Some days it seems like “infrastructure” or “systems” surpass even de rigueur “sustainability” as buzzwords. The people of Rotterdam know this all too well—the origin of their city centered on an 11th-century dam on the Rotte River. It seems fitting, then, that next month’s Time Machine, an architecture film festival, is taking place there. On deck are movies about cities, movies about other things (but really about cities), Drop Cities, dying cities, and, most of all, how buildings and cities share reciprocal systems that govern how we live, work, play—and do things like go to film festivals. Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam runs Oct. 10–13.

To learn more, visit affr.nl.

2. The Next 40 Years

The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) marked four decades last year by holding its annual meeting in Detroit, where, in 1971, 12 African-American architects met at the AIA National Convention to advance minority voices in the profession. What will the next 40 years hold for NOMA? Find out at the 41st Annual NOMA Conference in Indianapolis, Oct. 3–5.

Learn more at noma.net.

3. Getting Frisky

It’s fine to look at buildings, but the DesignPhiladelphia festival organizers want you to touch them, hear them, smell them, and—yes—taste them. This year’s festival theme EXPERIENCEdesign! will showcase new and old architecture in the Quaker City, but it will also demonstrate how design influences every part of our lives and each of our five senses. DesignPhiladelphia, the signature event of the Philadelphia Center for Architecture, takes place Oct. 10–18.

Learn more at designphiladelphia.org.

4. Phoenix Summit

In 2009, the Boston Society of Architects’ Women Principals Group launched the first AIA Women’s Leadership Summit. Four years later, the event has grown to address the challenges and opportunities of practice for women beyond the head office—interns, associates, educators, owners, and innovators. This year’s summit will take place in Phoenix, Oct. 24–26, with workshops, conversations, and featured speakers Monica Ponce de Leon, Marilyn Taylor, and Billie Tsien, AIA.

Learn more at aia.org.

5. Growing Pains

As we begin to emphasize preventative medicine as much as we emphasize palliative care, the healthcare industry will generate upwards of 5.6 million new jobs by 2020, according to researchers at Georgetown University. So the question is not about how big the healthcare design sector will grow—the sky seems to be the limit—but how sustainably it will grow. Join the Center for Health Design and the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health at the Healthcare Design Conference 2013 in Orlando, Fla., Nov. 16–19.

Learn more at healthcaredesignmagazine.com.