1. Ponce’s Premier

When the Hotel Ponce de León in St. Augustine, Fla., opened in 1888, it was one of the first large-scale commercial properties to be outfitted with electricity via massive DC generators. Designed by the New York firm Carrère and Hastings, the hotel is now one of the centerpieces of Flagler College—whose eponymous oil magnate founder was also the Ponce’s developer. The college has just completed a multiyear restoration of its central solarium to mark the 125th anniversary of the building’s completion and will host an opening day tour on Jan. 12.

Learn more, at ponce125.com.

2. Unchecked Growth

House design captures our everyday life aspirations, but it’s skyscraper design that captures our commercial aspirations. To wit, if there’s one superlative that the popular media often reports—in spite of all that’s happening in architecture—it’s “tallest building.” With this in mind, eVolo Magazine is sponsoring the eighth annual Skyscraper Competition—with no restrictions for site, size, or program. Registration closes on Jan. 15, and proposals are due on Jan. 22.

Learn more at evolo.us/category/competition.

3. Mass Appeal

Kickstarter may be the most popular so-called crowdfunding site since its launch in 2009, but it’s one of a dozen that are changing the way equity is created for small projects. The AIA will launch its own crowdfunding initiative to promote the financing of projects (with an overall cost of less than $1.8 million) through small donor contributions and online investment portals. You can help shape this initiative by responding to five questions in a survey open through Jan. 31.

Learn more at s.zoomerang.com/s/AIACrowdfunding.

4.Learning Curves

After the most recent school-building boom in the 2000s, there are several new models of K–12 and university buildings that integrate high-performance technology, passive systems, and the landscape. You may have even seen some of them during the aughts at the School and College Building Expo, which has changed its name to Learning Environments. This year’s expo, held in conjunction with the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education, will take place in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 29–31.

Learn more at lexxpo.com.

5. Minnesota Videotect

What does livability look like? Is it architectural? Is it urban in scale, or is it block-to-block? Does it have to do with green space? And what will green mean tomorrow? Architecture Minnesota magazine wants your answers in video form for its third annual competition, Videotect, which takes on the city of the future for this year’s competition. Entries are due by Jan. 24. Online viewing and voting will be open Feb. 6–15, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will host a screening on March 7.

Learn more at architecturemn.com/am/videotect.